The Guguniverse


What is the guguniverse?

The guguniverse is a work of speculative fiction. It is an exploration of how humanity deals with the problem of peak storage by creating a sentient model of all human knowledge, and the social and political consequences of this decision.

Is this a book? A blog? A collection of short stories?

I don’t know yet. My intention is to combine world-building with storytelling, using the blog as a medium. I will publish short stories once in a while, and might even start translating my book and posting chapters here.

Who am I?

My name is Sebastián Uribe. I come from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but currently live in Berlin, Germany.
I write, but I would not say that I’m a writer (but that’s because I refuse to be reduced to a category). Among other things, I write fiction and non-fiction, both human and machine-readable. I also paint, sing and deal with the reality of our world while trying to build a better one. You can see more of my stuff here: