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  • Peak Storage

    Peak Storage

    Emails, photos, e-books, business presentations, movies, music; human beings on the Internet are constantly creating digital content. Even when we are just consuming, our online behavior is registered somewhere, leaving a digital trace. And all this information is stored somewhere for an indefinite time. By some estimates, humanity is creating in the order of 1018 […]

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  • The beginning of History

    The beginning of History

    Peak storage is unavoidable, but humanity doesn’t seem interested in curing its addiction to growth. What can be done about it? In the year 2035, a group of scientists and engineers, concerned about the economic and political consequences of peak storage, founded the Human Data Corporation. Maybe it’s not possible to avert peak storage, they […]

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  • The right to be forgotten

    The right to be forgotten

    History would not be worth much, if it didn’t register everything, everywhere. That included, of course, people. While being seen and heard all the time was for some a dream come true, for others, it was hell. The Human Data Corporation added some privacy protection to History, but it only restricted its replaying, that is, […]

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